Hi, I'm Corey Hayes

I am a website designer, digital entrepreneur, blogger, and world traveler.

Let’s build something AWESOME together!

Skip the Bullsh*t.

You want a great looking website that does what it’s built to do and a reliable professional to guide you through online growth and digital marketing strategies.

Bottom line, that is what I love to do. I’m always excited about new projects so pick up the phone and give me a call (or email).

Do it Right.

On every project, I use the latest and greatest WordPress technologies. The digital world changes so fast that a properly developed website needs the flexibility to be molded into the ever changing internet.

Just like your business, the name of the game is long term growth and sustainability.

A Note For Canadian Business Owners

Push Print Canada.

I am the owner of Push Print Canada.  Incredible rates on commercial printing, custom clothing, and marketing materials Canada wide!

We literally save Canadian businesses owners thousands of dollars on printing every year! Need a quote?


Urban Piping Ltd

Ampt Over Electric Corp

Push Print Canada

My life as a website designer.

I have been designing websites for fun since I was 14 years old. It pains to admit it but that was over 18 years ago… (Ouch). Website design and digital marketing are my favourite projects. Every client is different and the industry changes constantly, plus I just like making sh*t look cool! 

This hobbie of mine however, has brought me to my dream of being financially stable while traveling the globe. I currently have clients in countries all over the world including Canada, the USA, Thailand, Europe and China.

I’ve got nothing to hide, follow my personal Instagram account and stalk me around the world. 

My Writing (BLOG)


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