High Five Fridays! #3 – Repairing Cavities, Alberta Dentistry, Paleo Diets and Falling Asleep Faster.
Posted: Friday December 15, 2018

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So I am a day late on posting this one! Pulled a classic carb overload with pasta for dinner on Friday night and slept through till 3:00am. Huge night! However in light of a chipped molar I did some research on teeth regeneration and bullshit Canadian dentistry prices this week. Also I include how I put myself to sleep in record timing and some sick music as always. Hope you enjoy!

Contrary to what the dentist says, I think your teeth can heal themselves.

I originally thought that if I had a cavity that I needed to see the dentist so they could drill a hole through your tooth and get a filling. In my own mind I think this is bizarre… How is it that teeth are the only parts of your body that cant heal on their own? I think its bullshit so I am going to test this theory. It really gets under my skin how doctors, dentists, and health professional have no problem handing out prescription medications and treatment options without even so much as questioning the problem that causes issues. Most doctors are NOT to be trusted with chronic issues or chronic illness advice! More on this one next week.

Through everything that I researched this week I think this article had the best information on teeth regeneration, the causes of cavities, and how to possibly reverse them:

Top things that I took away from this article…

1) Calcium, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Magnesium, Collagen, and Oral Probiotics are the supplements to help re-mineralize your teeth. Vitamin K2 being the most dominant from what I am getting from my research.

2) Avoid or eliminate sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol,  smoking and processed foods.

3) Eat mineral rich foods like avocados, green salads, almonds, ect.

Sounds pretty straight forward. Luckily, I do not have much pain when it comes to my cavities so I have no problem waiting and trying to reverse these naturally.

Favourite songs I’m jammin to…

How I fall asleep in record timing…

Simple! Non caffeinated tea, one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, and a tablespoon of honey.

I was skeptical when I read it but the first time I took this I fell asleep on my couch before I finished the glass. Tim Ferris is where I got this advice from. He doesn’t know the bio-chemistry behind it but shit does this works wonders for me. Better than sleeping pills.

What I am watching…

The Paleo Way on Netflix. I got myself on this health kick because of the “regenerating my teeth” point that I had above. This diet mixed with a few supplement and lifestyle changes and I think it will make a remarkable difference in almost every aspect of my health. Basically, the diet is just to eat high quality meats and organic vegetables. Cut out refined sugar, carbohydrates, and increase the intake of quality of fats. Last time I did this diet it was the best I have felt in my life.


Alberta is the most expensive place in Canada for dental work!

Literally 30-40% higher than anywhere else in Canada to get your dental work done. I read many reviews and articles on this topic and found this article by CBC to be the most compelling. You can get a flight into a difference province, get minor dental work done and fly back to Alberta and it’s cheaper!


Even better than flying to a different province is flying to a difference country. My dental work cost me 1/5th of the price by flying to Thailand than it would to have it done in Calgary, AB. Including the flight! AND I MAY ADD! The service and quality of the dental work was better! 

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